[PARTIALLY_IMPLEMENTED] String(Html) Editor Choice

Hi Sebastian,

When the user chooses html in string data type in schemas;

Currently available editor : let you choose between aceeditor and monaco editor…

A much more advanced editor for the html option.

but instead of converting all the ace editors in the system directly to monaco, it would be much better if the user could decide which one they want to use in the html option.

Thank you.

What exactly is better there? You can also implement the editor as plugin, btw.

The diff feature can be used very well in the content comparison screen. Searching, editing, going to the relevant line etc. in html. too many features active and beautiful. actually its essence is that it is a visual studio editor.

Theoretically it can be used for comparison screen. But the current architecture does not allow it. It is too much effort to provide a specialized comparison view for each editor.

Still, the search feature works great on heavy html. Also auto find edit etc. very good in features. There is a great need for such features in html editors.

For example, we have 5000 lines in our html content. We want to auto-correct all broken expressions in it, or we want to find an object. It’s very difficult to do that right now.

I think I can provide a editor plugin soon and then will think about an official integration.

Here is a sample for Monaco: