Our PROD website is down because of having wrong content

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Current behavior

We see squidex data of PROD is gone and in its place the data of squidex UAT is available. Is there any restore happened. Currently our PROD website is down because of this.

Appname - cargocrew-prod

Expected behavior

There should be Squidex PROD content available and the application should run without any issues.

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I am very sorry for the delay.

I had four copies of your app in the system and it seemed to have picked the wrong one. None of them marked as deleted. I have no idea how this has happened, but I have marked the others as deleted now. Please tell me whether it was the correct one.

Hi Sebastian

We have multiple instances to manage our environments.

The issue is still not fixed and we’re missing content for most of our production site.

The project content loaded into our production instance seems to be from uat.

Can we please check again?


If it helps, the prod project instance will be the biggest in size between the 4.

Hopefully this allows us to restore the correct one

Hi @Sebastian,

Following on from your note about the 4 projects, it seems that the incorrect one has been marked as deleted as I’ve lost cargocrew-prod from my dashboard project list.

cargocrew-dev (correct)
cargocrew-uat (Loading old content from 8 months ago, not the cargocrew-uat content from Friday)
cargocrew-uat2 (correct)
cargocrew-prod (this is loaded with same incorrect content that cargocrew-uat is showing)


cargocrew-prod should be the correct one now. But I do not see how cargocrew-uat can be the wrong one, because there is only one app of this name and it also shows content from the last 14 days

image .

Thanks @Sebastian

Can confirm that prod content is all back in the CMS.

We do however have images from the prod project that are not loading in their cached format.



Are we able to purge the CDN cache so that the assets from when the content was missing is refreshed?


Purge request sent… it is in progress now.