Ordering of content in Admin site

When you have a multiple instances of a schema, and you access the Content section on the left nav for that schema type, what order are the items listed? Seems to be in order of creation date.

Our use case is that we will have a schema for FAQ items, and each item represents an individual FAQ. We have a numeric “orderBy” field which the content author enters to determine the order they will display on the page. The API works great for retrieving the items in the requested order.

HOWEVER, they appear in a different order when editing that content. Is there any way to specify an orderBy field for viewing the content items by a Content author?

The default order is by last modification date, but you can also sort it in the extended search menu:

It is just a low level wrapper over the API.

I am planing to extend the tags to the content this week or the next week to handle this task: https://trello.com/c/myYblarM/79-categories-for-contents

I would introduce a left sidebar with tags and predefined filters (archived items, draft items, published items).Furthermore we could also handle this task: https://trello.com/c/gfVbhFpZ/22-save-queries

The idea is that you as schema editor / project manager / developer can then create the queries for your content authors.

I look forward to seeing those enhancements. The dropdown to search for text, filter, and order, is fine for me as a developer. But a data entry person or a marketing person would never know how to construct the filter or order parameter.

I see those screens being used more by business users than technical users.

I see it the same way. Would be great to make a filter editor but this is a log of work.