Only run rules on latest version of content, when do a re-run

Sometimes we need to re-run a rule, in order to populate an external system, where each event is not that important, only the current state. Is there a way to re-run a rule and publish all latest version of each content.

There are three dots with more options for each rule (depending on your version).

Yeah, but that re-run all events, and some of the content has a lot of events, because it has been updated alot, which means a full sync takes long time. So my question was more into if there was a smart way to only sync the last version, and not all events.

Oh, sorry…my fault. That’s not possible right now.

But you can do it in a custom tool of course.

Okay, thanks. I think it’s actual is a nice feature, and have implemented it often when i do distributed system, to make it clear when something is a re-index and not an actual event.

That’ true, perhaps with a PR or as part of a support contract :wink: