On Squidex Cloud: Pointing the Squidex Video assets to AWS S3 Instance


How can I upload videos to Amazon S3 (by connecting my account) especially for use cases where I want to upload Videos in AWS S3 and directly stream the videos from AWS S3

My UseCase
I want to manage all the meta data like video url, cover images and associated textual data in Squidex but want to host actual heavy videos on AWS S3 and stream them directly on the frontend angular app.

I see you implemented this for hosted version here [SOLVED] Issue with creating Profile, Blog and Identity app on cloud.squidex.io how can we avail this in cloud version of squidex?

It is implemented for self hosting, but not on a per app basis. There is one store for all assets and it is not a per asset decision where you want to host it.

Why are you not making a custom content type, e.g.

 * URL (String)
 * Height (Number)
 * Width (Number)
 * Length (Number)


Can you please show an example how custom content type like above can be complemented with AWS S3 integration.

The challenge is, the content/editorial team is going to use only Squidex. Content/Editorial team is not technically savy to deal with AWS S3 uploads

It is unnecessary extra layer to create another UI layer(App) when the editorial team is already using an internal headless CMS like Squidex for uploading video courses on AWS S3 and then copy pasting the url to squidex on every video upload action.

Rather an automatic route to point to AWS S3 would be supercool given SQUIDEX can then be used as Video CMS and all meta data in one place with complementary power of signed urls of AWS S3 for videos/images

Our UseCase
So when they upload a video using Squidex (which we want to automatically get uploaded or synced or pointed on AWS S3 hosting and get a relevant url captured as meta data to identify it in squidex like you mention above in VIDEO_URL field in Video Schema.

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I do not have an example ready. When you want to have a seamless integration you need a custom editor that allows you to upload assets to S3, but I am not sure if this is possible directly from Javascript.

There is definitely some extra effort.

But there are tutorials: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdk-for-javascript/v2/developer-guide/s3-example-photo-album.html

@Sebastian we managed to solve a lot in the custom editor in Squidex Cloud with the following platform retool.com

  1. https://retool.com/templates/s3-file-explorer (Interface in AWS S3 videos with Squidex)
  2. https://retool.com/templates/media-player (Play any video from AWS S3 in retool app)
  3. https://docs.retool.com/docs/embedding-retool (Embed any retool app in Squidex as a Custom Editor)

That’s awesome. Would love to see a tutorial for Squidex about that :wink: