Odata 'startswith' filter not working

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Current behavior

My request is returning all data even though I have a filter on it:
https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/my-project/object?filter=startswith(geohash, ‘9mudqd’)

Expected behavior

this should only return 1 result according to my data

Minimal reproduction of the problem

I ran this in postman


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I think it should look like this

$filter=startswith(data/geohash/iv, '9mudqd')


  • The dollary character ($filter)
  • The path to the field
  • The quotes

Sorry this did not work… anything else to try?

I need an exception or so to help you further. “Does not work” is not a very accurate description.

It’s just a 500 error. Are we able to lookup the traceid or view a log somewhere with the cloud version?

“traceId”: “|8cd7045e-4ce585810d772436.”,
“type”: “https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.6.1”,
“statusCode”: 500

You are not using my example, I see:

https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/city-canvas-api/artwork?$filter=startswith('data/geohash/iv)', '9mudn4')

it should be

https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/city-canvas-api/artwork?$filter=startswith(data/geohash/iv, '9mudn4')
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that works! thank you!

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