OData filter by slug

I am trying to limit request data items with filtering the reqest like this.
https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/appname/posts?$filter=data/slug/iv eq ${route.params.slug}

but it returns all of the items. Any ideas?

Have you tried single quotes for your value?

no difference - using single quotes or template literals gives the same response - returning all items. And no special chars in slug

EDIT - I had an error in the query but now it returns 400
0: “Syntax error at position 20 in ‘data/slug/iv eq how-to-setup-a-private-nuget-feed-in-azure-devops-pipelines’.”
message: “Query $filter clause not valid.”

so I guess it’s the dash issue

I mean

$filter=data/slug/iv eq 'how-to-setup-a-private-nuget-feed-in-azure-devops-pipelines'

this seems to be working…thank you. Added single quotes around variable and it works!

once again squidex support is perfect! good job!