Occasionally 5xx errors and long response time


I’m running Squidex in Azure through App Service and mongdb as container service.

Sometimes i get 5xx errors and long response time ( see picture )

Do you have any idea of what such thing could be caused by, or point me in a direction where to start looking? i’ve tried to look through all the docker logs, but can’t seem to find anything :frowning:

Hi, do you have the logs for the requests with long response times?

There are also profiler information in the logs, so everything is measured.

Sent you the logs in PM, i can see a collation between 500 errors and timeouts, so i might be the same issue

Hi @arnfasto did you solve this problem? As we’re experiencing similar problems, response times that go through the roof sometimes; especially when assets are being uploaded.
What are your app service plan specs?

We had a follow up in a PM and one of the reasons was that his instance got restarted all the time, but don’t know why.
It only seems to happen on Azure though.

@rolandoldengarm No, i tried to look into it if it was something with our configuration. I suspect that it could be an issue in the health check in the app service, but never had the time to figure it out. Please let me know if you manage to do so :slight_smile:

I increased the ASP from S1 (1.75GB) to P2v2 (7GB) which has improved performance a lot, and errors went away.

I did notice a couple of times where memory usage went to 0% of the ASP hosting Squidex and people got errors, first guess it would be a container restart.
How are you hosting Squidex? Container or IIS? I’m using Linux Containers. Will check the logs tomorrow further around the restart / 0% memory issue.

We are running it in a docker container. What we saw is that it restart exactly every 5 minutes, otherwise than that we don’t see many errors