[OBSOLETE] URL AND local file for restore operation


Reporting features as I go along here… :blush:

I’m doing some backup / restore operations right now and one thing that would make my life easier is if I could select a local file instead of a URL for my Backup.zip.

(Noticed I already had requested this :stuck_out_tongue: )

BTW, I checked [IMPLEMENTED] Restore Backup (BETA) filesystem file location
and it says IMPLEMENTED but I pulled down the latest squidex:dev image but I only see “URL to backup”. I do not see any “Local file to backup”. Has this feature been deployed or do I need to enabled it somehow?


You can define a local file in the file system of the server with file://C:/ url.


Not working for me.

It says:

2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: Started. The restore process has the following steps:
2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: * Download backup
2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: * Restore events and attachments.
2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: * Restore all objects like app, schemas and contents
2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: * Complete the restore operation for all objects
2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: Downloading Backup
2019-05-03T13:03:44Z: Cannot download the archive: Could not find file '/app/C:\Backup.zip'..


Checked this post:


What is `/app/C:\Backup.zip´?


I don’t know.

asp.net core root path or something?


I just tested your backups from the other thread with paths like
file://C:/Users/sebastian/Downloads/backup-animals-2019-05-04_10-41-10.zip and it worked.


I’m runnning Squidex in Docker for Windows as a Linux container… I run Docker for Windows on a Windows 10… so different file systems… maybe that’s the issue?


Yes, then you have to mount a volume to your container and then use the Linux path.