[OBSOLETE] SEQ Logging Support

I would really prefer to use SEQ logging instead of Docker console: https://datalust.co/seq

I could add as a PR – but it would add a nuget dependency.


I would take the fluentd log driver for docker and then forward it to seq. Then your logging is decoupled from the application.

I just had the case where a logging client (google stackdriver for java) crashed an application :wink:

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I’m doing that as SEQ supports “gelf” ingesting. The problem is the output is not structured:

Config looks like this:

      driver: gelf
        gelf-address: udp://theswarm:12201

I hope SEQ understands JSON :wink:

I would turn off this setting: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/blob/master/src/Squidex/appsettings.json#L128

This prints each log entry to one line, so that you will one log entry per line. This is how I use it with google stackdriver (which is free by the way)

Yeah, that doesn’t fix it. Maybe we can meet in the middle on direct Gelf support? https://github.com/mattwcole/gelf-extensions-logging

What do you use, @Sebastian? Just an ELK stack?

I use stackdriver in Google Cloud.

Does it work for you? Can I close the task? Otherwise it could be a good attempt to test plugins.

Yes! I got it working with JSON support by turning off the “human” setting – please close.