[OBSOLETE] Retreive all Tags in use for specific scheme

for our blogpost list we would like to generate a tag cloud. Would it be possible to retreive all tags (including how many time it is used in the actual content ?) via the API.

We tried to use the odata select query for all posts on a tag field however that seems not to work. Now we are retrieving all the posts and filter out/cache the tags. This is however quite heavy.

this could also be handy in the Squidex UI to show the already available/used tags when entering new ones in the tag field.

I think the OData query should work.

But the improvement of the tag system is planned: https://trello.com/c/myYblarM/79-categories-tags-for-contents

thanks for your reply. Great that the improvements of the tag system are on the roadmap.

regarding the Odata Query > $select is not giving anything back (404 not found).

could you provide some guidance in how to retrieve only specific fields from a content entity.



$select is not supported, but you can use graphql for that.

Thanks! got it working. Created a GraphQL .NET client and used the GraphQL language to retreive the tags.

If anyone needs this also. Use https://github.com/graphql-dotnet/graphql-client

the endpoint for the graphQL is https://cloud.squidex.io/api/content/{{yourappname}}/graphql

don’t forget to add the authorization header with your bearer token.

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Thank you very much for the explanation.