[OBSOLETE] Docker image tags


This is just a suggestion that you might want to put in your backlog.

And the suggestion is to tag the Squidex docker images differently.

I understand the need of having a single squidex:dev tag for CI, agility and all that. But for production and to be able to more easily handle update scenarios it would be good if each new release has its own tag.

Maybe you could have the following model:

  1. The squidex:dev tag. Continue as is.
  2. Create a new unique tag for “production” deployments. And maybe relase one once every week - to reduce admin overhead. Maybe you could use SemVer, for example: squidex:1.0.1 like you were doing previsouly but without the character ‘v’. (The versioning format is not important as long as each tag/image is unique)

In my particular case this would help me when updating Squidex. Instead of killing each pod individually, and forcing the deployment to go pull the new/latest image from docker hub, I would simple run a kubectl apply -f squidex-deploy.yml which would contain only one difference - the uniquely identifyable tag. Also, there are other pros (and cons) with always using explicit tags in your deployments but leaving that out of this discussion.

As said, could be something for the future.

Ps. Loving squidex more every day and thanks for the great effort and amazing job.

The problem is my laziness I would say. Because when I think I have a stable version, I tag the commit and then you get a production version. I should tag more often.

Btw: All features in “Current Version” (https://trello.com/b/KakM4F3S/squidex-roadmap) will land in the next release.