Object has no method getReference error

I have a schema like below:


I need to impose validation while creating content like user can only insert two processes when name is type-1 but for other types, there is no restriction.
I was trying to achieve this through script but i am not sure how will i get the name type-1, as event contains only contentid not nested details.
I went through documentation also, i found getReference(id, callback) can get me the name. but i am receiving javascript error like object has no method getReference.
could you please help here?

Sorry, this has not deployed yet. The plan was to deploy it this Monday, but it is delayed.

Thanks, Sebastian for the quick response.
can we impose these validations using other approaches?

Just wait a little bit please, it will be deployed soon.

Hi Sebastian,

Sorry for chasing. could you please let me know when this feature will be deployed?

It has been deployed, do you still get this error?

Sorry, i didn’t verify this before. Its working now. Thanks!

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Hi Sebastian, thanks for providing this feature. Is this feature has been released as the part of tag 5.5.0 (https://github.com/Squidex/squidex/releases/tag/5.5.0)?

No, it is not released yet.

Thanks Sebastian for the reply. Any planned date to release this feature?

Perhaps this weekend.

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