NOTIFO SDK: Unknown command set


We are starting to use Notifo to test it and see how we can use it.

However, using the recommended snipped code for the web we get the following console errors:

4x - NOTIFO SDK: Unknown command set
NOTIFO SDK: Unknown command ui
NOTIFO SDK: init has not been called yet or has failed.

The code we are using:

(function() {
    var n = window['notifo'] || (window['notifo'] = []);
    n.push(['set', 'api-key', '<OUR API KEY>']);
    n.push(['set', 'user-id', '<OUR USER ID>']);
    n.push(['set', 'user-name', '<OUR USER DISPLAY NAME>']);
    n.push(['set', 'user-email', '<OUR USER EMAIL>']);
    n.push(['ui', 'button']);

    var s = document.createElement('script');
    s.src = '';
    s.async = true;

We tried with Notifo self-hosted and with the version hosted by you.

It’s probably an error in our side, but any suggestion would be really helpful.

It was just wrong, I am going to fix that:

Here is an update:

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Thanks a lot!

We can’t find the pricing to use the service hosted by you.


there is not real hosting model (SaaS). It never got enough interest to satisfy the effort. But it is used in production by a few companies, who host it themselves. I work together with, which is basically a notification company in the health care industry. So reliability is super important for them.

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Do you plan to add an Enterprise plan (like the one Squidex has for self-hosted)?

We can definitely talk about that. Just write me a PM or email

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