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Current behavior

We have a connection set up between Microsoft Teams and Squidex where the latter sends a notification to a Teams channel. However, one notification is either being sent multiple times or at sporadic times.

Expected behavior

A notification should be sent once at a common time


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Version: tbc



How have you configured notifications? Do you use rules for that? Do you see the same behavior in the rules?

Hello, yes it is a Rule and uses the Webhook action type. I believe it is showing up in the events as “Attempts: 2”.

Edit: This is the type of webhook we are using:

Do you have some logs, why it fails sometimes?

At the moment all I have is the Squidex error log:

errormessage: Failed to execute rule event with rule id *****/Send event to webhook 'https://**********/IncomingWebhook/*****'.
exception.message: Response code does not indicate success: 400 (BadRequest).
exception.type: System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException

The interesting bit is that we are getting the notification twice in Teams so why is Squidex getting a bad request response when the message is going through OK? Not convinced this is an issue with Squidex at this point as it is just doing what it should do; retry when it received an error response. I am not directly working with it so will ask others to add more information when they get it.

I have no idea what this is. Do you get some insights from teams itself? But I remove the bug status, because I think it is not a bug.

Thanks both, sorry for the late response, I will check with the team although I don’t think we have anything logging activities in Teams.

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Then I would add a custom webhook in between.