[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] Squidex.io new user registration error

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Current behavior

Expected behavior

Minimal reproduction of the problem

clean browser, no cookies, new user, just registered OK with github on Squidex Support
navigate to Pricing and Plans - Squidex CMS
click login
redirected to Squidex Headless CMS
popup Login prompt
click Login (not register, as I assumed support.squidex.io and cloud.squidex.io would share the same token and user claims)
prompted to authorise github for cloud
click OK
get ‘operation failed’ and popup shows this URL
Error - Squidex Headless CMS

hope this helps.


thank you. The support forum and the cloud do not share the tokens.

GIthub is a little bit tricky because you explicitly need to allow to share your email address in the profile. It should show a better message then, but it does not seem to work. Perhaps this is the issue.