[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] .NET Client 6.1 - statusCode 405

Hello Sebastian,

I downgrade to .NET Client 6.1 and I can read data but I cannot call update. Even if I pass back the same entity that I got from squidex client.

`Squidex Request failed: {"traceId":"|5ed92ff1-4f408ed4791b852f.","statusCode":405}`

In the last post, I say I do not change anything, but that is not true I need to change squidex entities to reflect a change from Guid to string but I do not expect it should change anything (here will be maybe better solution mark Guid overload as deprecated and remove after few updates) but maybe I miss something.

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Minimal reproduction of the problem

Load entity and put it back via update (after some time).


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.NET Client 6.1
Squidex 4.7.3

How shall I help with that? A few code samples or so would help…

I try to get more but I cannot get more from c# (it is just a script for converting old data). I want to set local https proxy to copy see real request but I cannot bypass SSL for squidex internal HttpClient.

Here in CZ is already late and it is not urgent, I try to provide more information during the weekend.

Thanks for fast responding even during Friday night time.

But what kind of update do you do? And what does it have to do with SSL?

With 6.1 (maybe 6.0 I do not try the version from the same day) it now requires for most of the methods was used to be Guid id the string id. I solve this by just call ToString() on id.

SSL has nothing to do with the bug I just want to quickly check what is actually send to the network and this was the first solution what I try (just set global HttpClient global proxy). This is just because if I update data in squidex UI everything works.

I manage to set proxy with SquidexOptions.Configurator. And check same request made via squidex UI and from c# when I just load entity and send it back via UpdateAsync. In both case I do not change any data. And with comparing sent json it seems like the only difference is that c# client does not send value if there is null (I believe that squidex use newtonson json where this is the default believer).

I missing something or it is expected?

I still do not understand what you mean, sorry. The 6.0 was introduced for Squidex 5.0, because in Squidex 5.0 you can use custom Ids and you are not restricted to Guids anymore.

Ok this was my issue I didn’t know that C# client is tied to specific version squidex version. It is somewhere changelog / documentation what I can check before updating?

It is not tied, but it is the reason why I changed Guid => string.