[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] Data restoration not working

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Current behavior

I have created app backup from one machine & restore on another squidex instance. Both is done successfully but, when I try to update content having reference field it gives error “Data update fails please reload page”

Expected behavior

It should be work.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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I either need the exception from the logs or your backup. Preferable both. You also have not specified the used version.

Hi @Sebastian,

I backup from squidex 5.4.0 and try to restore in same version, also tried to restore with 5.6.0.
Both are not working.

Please refer the backup from drive.

I have hosted squidex in iis. I don’t know how to refer the log file.

Let me know if required.

Rakesh Kanani

Btw: Infos abot logging are in the docs: https://docs.squidex.io/01-getting-started/installation/install-windows-iis#where-can-i-see-the-logs

Hi @Sebastian,

Thanks for the guide for log.

I have checked the log but nothing is there related to error.

refer the log file as below.

Rakesh Kanani

Hi @Sebastian,

Any update on this issue?

Rakesh Kanani

The log file is not complete.


Refer full log from here.

You can download the backfile from here.

Rakesh Kanani

I cannot reproduce it with the current version. Please try the latest dev version. You probably need to build it yourself when you use IIS.