[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] Creating an app with a taken name throws a 500

I have…

  • [ ] Checked the logs and have uploaded a log file and provided a link because I found something suspicious there. Please do not post the log file in the topic because very often something important is missing.

I’m submitting a…

  • [ ] Regression (a behavior that stopped working in a new release)
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  • [ ] Performance issue
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Current behavior

Throws errors

Expected behavior

Should create the app, as a user has no idea which apps there is previously deleted

Minimal reproduction of the problem

  1. Created an identity app called “identity”
  2. Deleted the app again
  3. Created an identity app again called exactly the same name
  4. The UI will hang and throw an error

After these steps, it cannot get the apps anymore at /api/apps - It throws a 500 error with no message or details.

If I log into the mongodb instance and delete the apps under the collection, and restart the container - it works again


  • [ x ] Self hosted with docker
  • [ ] Self hosted with IIS
  • [ ] Self hosted with other version
  • [ ] Cloud version

Version: 5.0.0


  • [x ] Chrome (desktop)
  • [ ] Chrome (Android)
  • [ ] Chrome (iOS)
  • [ ] Firefox
  • [ ] Safari (desktop)
  • [ ] Safari (iOS)
  • [ ] IE
  • [ ] Edge


Unfortunately I restarted the container before I could gather any logs - My bad! I would just mention the error for you, since it’s properly quite easy to fix :slight_smile:

I cannot reproduce it. Have you started with a new database or migrated from 4.X?

I’ve started with a complete new database - No worries, I’ll see if I can gather some logs if it happens another time

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