[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] Content shows already deleted. But is visible

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Current behavior

We were not able to update/edit a content since 2 days. There were no locks in MongoDB.
Today i cloned the content and removed the old error content. The old content is still visible in the list. When i tried to delete again, it says “Object has already been deleted”.
I checked in Events Collection. It has a ContentDeleted entry.

Expected behavior

The content should not be shown under the Product list

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Log file has no exceptions

Thank you for your detailed bug report. Please post code snippets and logs using code blocks next time.

I am not sure what to do with that, because without any logs why it originally happened it is hard to tell. I would either repair your database manually by going into the ContentCollection and removing the document or you can use the following flag to repair it:

Until there are steps to reproduce it I am going to move the bugs to [Stale Bugs] which is more or less and archive for different things (bad naming, I know).

Thank you Sebastian. I deleted the content from MongoDB, in Content collection. Can you please suggest what to add in Azure App Service->Configurations for “contents”:false

You have to add an environment variable like REBUILD__CONTENTS=true, then restart, then set it to false, then restart.

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