[NOT_REPRODUCIBLE] BUG - Schema Assets Folder Selector saving assets to root folder

I have…

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Current behavior

in the schema, select a text with wysiwyg “RichText” editor, and select the folder to save assets into

assets are saved into the root folder, not the selected folder in the schema

Expected behavior

save assets to the selected folder in the schema when using the wysiwyg “RichText” editor

Minimal reproduction of the problem

see behavior


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I cannot reproduce this. Perhaps you have forgotten to save the field?

Hi @Sebastian, thank you for the reply.

No, I verified many times that I saved, and published, it, and I can reproduce it consistently. Would you like screenshots?

please note that I am referring to a text field using the RichText editor, and not the Asset type.

Using the RichText editor, the image uploads and works functionally, however the image itself is saved into the root assets folder, and does not save into the assigned folder when editing the schema.

Also, This text is localizable, maybe that’s the difference here?

It does work for me and it also works for localized rich text fields. A small video would help.

@Sebastian - Sure, I’m happy to make a video. This support form doesn’t allow video files, only images, so I uploaded it to youtube for you here:

it cuts a little early at the end, but its showing that the ‘posts’ folder is empty

Thanks, I was using drag and drop. I did not remember that this feature even exists.

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