Not able to get new fields added in response of Squidex API

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Current behavior

Created 2 new fields in schema and added the content. When we call Squidex API to get the data then the new fields are not appearing in response.

Expected behavior

Need to get content of new fields after page publishing.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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It is by design. Only the actual content is returned. It does not work like a database.

Hi sebastian,
The below new fields were added in schema and then we added content over the 2 fields


I am not seeing the content for those 2 fields when I run the Squidex API

Apart from this I am able to get data for existing fields that have the content.
Please take a look at it.

Manjeera T

Please send me the full link to the content, perhaps via PM if you don’t want to post it here.

Hi Sebastian,
This is not on;y problem with new fields. If I update any exiting field data then it is not getting reflected when I hit API

Manjeera T

You have a draft version. Every update you make is only visible in the frontend until you publish it. You can also add the X-Unpublished=1 header to your request.

Thanks Sebastian.

Manjeera T

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