No Id in Squidex Rule Event for Asset

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Current behavior

JSON body of rule triggered by asset creation does not contain the correct data.

Expected behavior

JSON body of rule event contains the correct asset id.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create asset via the API.



App Name: csm-truck-inventory-sap

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Version: 5.8.2


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When we try to modify or delete the asset, we get the following error from the UI:
“Failed to make the update. Another user has made a change. Please reload.”

We are able to delete the asset via the API. The invalid json does not happen for all assets, but retrying the same image sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

This all started happening after the container running squidex (not mongo) ran out of space and we had to spin up another. We have done this process in the past without issue, so not sure if its related or coincidence. We have many other rules for content types other than assets and those are running fine.

So it looks like a bug. But I usually do not provide bugfixes for older versions, especially if you do not have a support contract. So I am not sure how I can help you here.