New Identity Structure

Hi Sebastian,

How do we use it on squidex with the new identity structure? I need to create a membership system with role permission.

We also switched to the new component. Old repository archived…

Can you guide me ?

Thank you.


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What do you mean with “new identity structure”?

my perfect english :smiley:

Actually, since we switched to openiddict, I wanted to ask if there is a difference and if there is a guide to create a membership system.

I had to move to openiddict because identityserver4 will be deprecated. From the outside perspective there is no big change, though.

Do you want to create a membership system for your end users or CMS users?

Yeah. I need a membership system for end users in the web application. I don’t want users to access Squidex.

How do you want your users to authenticate? If you only simple username and password authentication you can just store both in Squidex. Of course you need to hash the password.

I have also created a bigger sample how to create a OIDC system based on Squidex:

i actually need is a simple membership system and role management…

I think you can easily achieve that with a single schema.