.NET 7 Migration: Major or minor version upgrade?


I am just working on the migration to .NET 7 and I am not sure whether it should be a major or minor version upgrade.

So either:

  • 8.0 or
  • 7.3 (7.2 will come tomorrow)

For IIS users and anybody who hosts it without docker, it is breaking change. But if you use docker, it does not really matter.

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Excited 7.2 is almost here!

I prefer sticking rather rigidly to semantic versioning, so even though it isn’t a breaking change for us as we are using Docker I would say it is a major increment. It’s then up to us to see there is a major version increment, read the changelog, and decide whether or not it is an issue for us. I do not want to worry about incrementing to a minor version to get the new features and fixes.

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Thanks for your feedback. I agree to that, but it is also more effort and stops people from updating.