Need Help To Build Project

Hello there,
I have to develop an “on prem” squidex CMS. But I didn’t understand anything from Document. I don’t want to disrespect. There isn’t any video or blog topic about squidex building. So I really need help. I tried to Install with docker but I’m making mistake or forgetting something. Could you please help me ? It can be helping on a video or Images or calling online.Pleasee…

What are your concrete questions? Have you read this:

If you do not want to make chances, you do not have to build yourself.

There are my steps:
1)[Install with Docker (Linux, OS X, Windows)]
2)docker-compose.yml and .env (image )
and changed the Variables like domain,adminemail, etc.
3)docker-compose up -d
Everything is OK for now.
But I don’t know, what should I do after that!
I have a squidex sample and on the other side have a docker-compose. But there is no connection or anything.

Can you access the installation and login?

I accessed installation but did not access login.

How do you mean that? What happens?

I want to use your sample blog project.

I changed the configuration information in that page, like url, appname, etc.
But I didn’t find anything to use that project.
On the other hand, I started the setup from document to build new project but I failed. When I failed, I just want to try your sample blog project. So, maybe you can tell me how can I run your sample project with docker please.

I would start with this tutorial first:

If this works then you have the basic setup.

The next step is to login to your Squidex installation and create a new blog app. Then you go to Settings > Clients and you copy and paste the client id, and secret to the file you just posted. Also change the url to point to your local installation and update the app name of course. Then you should be able to run the sample.

I already created blogs.

but I will start with this tutorial. Thank you.