[NEED_HELP] Multi-Level Schema Categories

Good Morning.

We’ve started bringing data into our Squidex instance and grouped the schemas into 3 categories.

We’re now bringing in some more data and want to have a separate higher level category.
(something like this)

Has something like this been considered before, or if we implemented it is there a way that would work well with any other planned features?

I feel it may have some overlap with the Taxonomies discussion: Taxonomies for content items



It has nothing to do with taxonomies in my opinion. A simple solution could be to allow paths like “Locations/Data” in the category name and then build the UI.

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Hi Sebastian.

I’ve implemented this in our version. Would this be something you may be interested in pulling back into your version?


Yes, sounds interesting. Can you make a screenshot?


Hi, are you still working on this and would you provide a PR?

Hi Sebastian, I work with Simon.

We’d either try and do a partial merge back, else re-do the work based on the original PR diff.

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