[IMPLEMENTED] Multi-Level Schema Categories

Good Morning.

We’ve started bringing data into our Squidex instance and grouped the schemas into 3 categories.

We’re now bringing in some more data and want to have a separate higher level category.
(something like this)

Has something like this been considered before, or if we implemented it is there a way that would work well with any other planned features?

I feel it may have some overlap with the Taxonomies discussion: Taxonomies for content items



It has nothing to do with taxonomies in my opinion. A simple solution could be to allow paths like “Locations/Data” in the category name and then build the UI.

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Hi Sebastian.

I’ve implemented this in our version. Would this be something you may be interested in pulling back into your version?


Yes, sounds interesting. Can you make a screenshot?


Hi, are you still working on this and would you provide a PR?

Hi Sebastian, I work with Simon.

We’d either try and do a partial merge back, else re-do the work based on the original PR diff.

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This had to be reworked a bit on our end to make this work again, as we had this work done on an older version of Squidex, from the commits getting it working again on the new version - I checked the diff produced and did this work on a new branch and have submitted a PR

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