My schemes are gone, what to do?


I logged in and it did not log, I tried to use via api and nothing, when I opened the mongo compose to see the schemas he was not there, what to do?


I have no idea how this could happen as Squidex never deletes data. There is not even a delete method.^

But as long as the events are still there everything can be restored. We just need a method for it.


Is there any way to recover this data?


I added a commit with a rebuilder, where you can rebuild the content based on the schemas:

You can enable it in the settings:

See the full commit here:

You can enable it with environment variable: REBUILD__SCHEMAS=true

or you can just run it with dotnet run --Rebuild:Schemas=true (I think)

You can read more about it here:


Even doing what you gave me can not retrieve the schemas / data, any other suggestions?


You can export your database and send it over to me me, so that I can debug through it and have a look.


I’ve remade the compose again!


And it solved the problem?


No, this is very strange!


As I said: Send me your backup and I can have a look. Otherwise it is like a blackbox for me.


Can I pass you the connection string?


If your mongodb is available from the outside, sure


Follow the connection string
Password download: DELETED


Thx, please send it as PM the next time :wink:


It looks like the whole database has been recreated. I don’t know what has happened but this is basically an empty database + 1 user. There is nothing I can do for you.


No problem, thanks for the help!


You are welcome. I am 100% sure, that is not Squidex. Because there is nothing that deletes users or events from the database. The whole concept of Squidex is to never delete data.