Multiple Extension support in Squidex

Hi Sebastian,

There is a feature inside Squidex related to extension. Currently we can only pass one template url
inside content editor extension, content sidebar extension and contents sidebar extension.

Problem Statement- With the above mention detail there is no way to create multiple content editor extension / Contents sidebar extension / Content side bar extension. So we are planning to add the support for multiple extensions.

Purpose Solution - User will add the multiple template urls by comma separated and we will iterate those urls inside angular components to create multiple extension. If user will add tab name as query string after the url then we will add the extension tab name dynamically as per the requirement. Currently only Extension text as a tab name came. Please refer examples of URLS.

Current supported URL - https://localhost:5001/scripts/test.html

After solution implementation - below are the ways to pass the urls. We have given the support for dynamic tab name and dynamic icon. Fallback icon should be icon-plugin and fallback name of tab should be Extension-1, Extension-2 with index to segregate the URLS. Icons should only be pass in case of sidebar extensions not in case content editor extension.

1.) https://localhost:5001/scripts/test.html

2.) https://localhost:5001/scripts/test.html,https://localhost:5001/scripts/test1.html

3.) https://localhost:5001/scripts/test.html?tabname=Test,https://localhost:5001/scripts/test1.html?tabname=Test1,https://localhost:5001/scripts/test1.html

4.) https://localhost:5001/scripts/test.html?tabname=Test&icon-download,https://localhost:5001/scripts/test1.html?tabname=Test1

We have implemented this solution. Please provide your feedback and if this feature is fine for you, Please allow us to raise the PR for open source.


Sounds good to me. It is a little bit technical but it is a good improvement.

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Thanks @Sebastian. Which branch we can use to raise the open source pull request.

To the master branch.

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Hi Sebastian, We have raised the pull request .

Please review and let us know your feedback.

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