Multiple choice selection in dropdown field

I am working on Squidex in the Cloud, on Chrome, on an Apple desktop. I’m going through basic schema creation, and learning how to set up Squidex.

I’m not sure how to create a field that allows multiple-choice selecting from predetermined options when adding a new piece of content.

I’ve got a multiple-content schema, “Article.” It contains a “Topics” component field. The component itself has a String field, set to Dropdown in the editor options. When I save and go to add an ‘Article’ content item, I’m only able to select one item from the ‘topics’ dropdown. I want to create a way to select multiple categories of topic that an article could be under.

Using Tags seemed like the only possibility, but I want pre-determined choices for the user to choose from, and tags didn’t seem like the right way.

I’m new to Squidex, and validating what we can do for a proof-of-concept, so I’m hoping you can direct me to a way to do this?

Update: After posting the question, I’ve figured out how - so posting for others: The tag field time seems to be a best bet, then when the field is created, Under Editor type, I could select dropdown or checklist, and below that, in Allowed Values, I could create the options.

Easier than I expected.

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