Multilingual editors - saved changes lost

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Hello! We are a team of 6 translators who translate and upload our translation separately. We noticed that also when we waited until the blue bar at the bottom completely loaded, the next time we open the file, it still sent the push notification: unsaved change. Do you want to load them now? No matter what we choose (yes - reload unsaved changes, no - do not reload), we loose one of the translation.

My questions:

  1. Is this a bug of squidex? If yes, please help fix it.
  2. Is this because of different people working on one file at the same time? And then squidex can only save the changes of each translator individually? If yes, how can we avoid this? Would you improve this or our team needs to find a way around to work under this condition?

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I am not exactly sure what you are doing. Typically, if 2 users try to write the same content, one user might see an error like this “Another user already made a change, please reload and try again”.