Move Squidex.ClientLibrary into separate repository

Hi @Sebastian,

could you move the code for Squidex.ClientLibrary from into a separate repository? Right now, the ClientLibrary is a little bit hidden in the sample directory. From my opinion, it makes sense to promote the code to a full repository since you have a NuGet package for it.

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Sooner or later I have to move it, but I am not sure to where. I would like to have more packages for other languages as well, but the .NET library is very coupled to the API Tests, so it might be good to move them closer to the tests? Not sure yet.

Hi @Sebastian,

I was thinking about promoting the solution from to a new repository at
All three references projects in could still be in the same repository. This would result in only having the three sample projects for Blog, Profile, and JScript in

I’m not really sure to which tests (apart from Squidex.ClientLibrary.Tests) you are referring to. If there is any other test that relies of the ClientLibrary, the CI pipeline could either pull the ClientLibrary from NuGet or use it as a Git submodule.

I recommend to have a src directory for Squidex.ClientLibrary and tests directory where Squidex.ClientLibrary.Test is located. Squidex.ClientLibrary.Tests definetly belongs to the same repository. I’m not sure if you can move them any closer? The tests should be in a separate project, as they are right now. That they, we don’t ship with the binaries in NuGet.

I am talking about these tests: Sometimes when I write the tests I reference the client library directly to test changes before I publish them to nuget. Not the best solution though.

I will think about it, but right now there is so much to do.

In that case, you could simply add the test project to the solution via “add existing project” in which you want to test your changes. Or am I missing something? :thinking:

Its not rocket science, I will definitely change it sooner or later :wink: