Misunderstood content revisions workflow

Hi Sebastien,

In the new concept of content revisions, we can create draft version from published content

And by requesting the content, we get by default the last draft version. But how can I request the last published version of this content if I have already drafting version?

Also, how can I request specific version of a content by his status or by another filter query from all his collection versions?

Here you said:

On the technical side we will get two collections in MongoDB for content items. One collection will contain the data object of the last version and will be used for the Management API or if you want to get all content items, even if they are not published. The other collection will only contain published items.

This means that it will not be possible to get both, the last published data object and the last data object, for a content item.

The comment here how can I request the collection of published items?


The document is a little bit outdated. There are only 2 versions for one content:

  1. The published version
  2. The draft version

When you use the API as a client (e.g. frontend) you always get the published versions only. In the management UI you will see the draft version.