Missing education schema from Profile example

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I’m just trying to run the samples to get an idea of how everything works. I’ve looked at the blog one and that looks fine but I’ve installed the profile example and downloaded the front end but there is a schema for Education which is missing. Do you know where I might be able to get this from or to update the profile app?

Many thanks


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Sorry, it is a bug. The “Experience” (upper E) is actually the education schema. You can clone this schema with the correct name “education” and then test it. Otherwise you will wait for me to fix the template.

Thanks Sebatian…

No worries, I’ll clone it and change the name…



Hi Sebastian,
Sorry, maybe I missed something. In the VS code, Experience is a different entity to Education so cloning Experience won’t work. Can I just create a new schema called education with fields of,

  • Degree
  • School
  • Logo
  • From
  • To

Also, I can’t see anywhere where there is a relationship between those entities? i.e. How do I relate basics -> education or projects etc? Do you have an example anywhere showing a relationship and using it on the front end or am I jumping the gun and thisis what you are working on?

Thanks in advance for the help


I thought that the template actually created the Education schema with name Experience, but I might be wrong.

Your schema looks good, as you can see when you compare it with the Model in the sample: https://github.com/Squidex/squidex-samples/blob/master/csharp/Sample.Profile/Sample.Profile/Models/Education.cs

There is no relationship, because 1 App = 1 profile site.