Max values for App name and reference Id

I’m curious what are the max values allowed for this parameters in Squidex api (API Docs):
app - required string - The name of the app.
schema - required string - The name of the schema.
id - required string - The ID of the content item to update.

We would like to store this in sql db for outbox patter for messaging but I couldn’t find what is the max value for this fields in Squidex. Do they have limitations or they are varchar(max)?

App and Schema names in the UI state “You can only use letters, numbers and dashes and not more than 40 characters.” but cannot see where that is enforced in the code.

For the ID I couldn’t immediately find a solid answer, but I would be eager to know the answer as I just created content in the UI with an ID 600 characters long! Is it as long as a C# string can be?

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Actually there is no real limitation, which should probably be changed.

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