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I am wanting to control the list of languages into a custom list of my choosing. Would I need to make a code change for this? I assume so, but just wanted to make sure.

My use case:

I only care about 1 language, however I very much care about brand overrides and wish to re-purpose the localization system to serve my needs. It’s prefect for this task! The problem I’m facing now is:

  1. how to change from ‘English’ to ‘Brand 1’ in the language selection
  2. How to change the ‘localization’ text to read ‘brand’, which is just a ‘nice to have’ feature. I can live with it being labeled localization still.

thank you for any advice with this. I’m trying to avoid needing to fork the code, but I will if I need to.

Yes, there would be code changes. I think the backend is very much prepared for that, at least I hope so. But the frontend is a different store.

The backend has the concept of partitioning:

And also the concept of partition resolver:

But in the UI there is a lot to do. Of course custom lists but also abstractions to use this concept when the languages are used instead.

I managed to get this working by:

  • Changing the languages list to match my brands list
  • Changing the frontend text to say brand instead of translate
  • Removing the auto-translate button
  • Disabling the back end unit tests

I am keeping these changes on a branch so that I can merge master in, and still have working unit tests on master. This will work for my use case.

I tried to fix the unit tests as well, but burned a day trying to get them all to work right. heh.

I haven’t dug into the partition resolver code yet, the need hasn’t come up yet. but it’s early still, I’m sure it’ll come up.

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

P.S. - I guess this feature request could be modified to say ‘Ability to edit the languages list via either the UI or a new csv’

Thats great. What I was taking about is to manage custom lists. So that you can decide per field whether you want to use markets or languages or whatever.

that sounds very nice! :slight_smile: When I have more time to dig into the code further, I’ll continue the investigation as you suggest.

I’m loving squidex! Having Docker for everything just helps so much! :slight_smile:

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