Make use of an external CDN like Azure

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I was wondering if it is possible to implement an own CDN, like Azure CDN for example. Im hosting Squidex in Azure and I have created a blob storage account. From there I can access all the assets in Squidex and eventually setup a CDN.

But the filenames in the blob storage are different from the files I have in Squidex (I think that is because of compression etc.) Is there a way to match the asset in Squidex and in my blob storage account?

Because then I can active the CDN and make requests to the CDN with the values from Squidex.

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Why can you not point the CDN directly to the asset path?

like accessing {cdn}/etc-squidex-assets/{asset-path}

The assets are stored on the given assetStore settings right?

e.g. you could configure your CDN like this: =>

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You are right, I was looking at the wrong settings

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The good thing is, that you can also use the resize options then and store cached, optimized versions in your CDN cache.

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