Make graphql request with localhost getting 404 error that same request working perfectly in the postman

When we request the graphql endpoint in the localhost:4200 for angular app using apollo angular package getting 404 error but when we use the same endpoint and makes request from the postman then it works perfectly @Sebastian

Are you sure that you have permissions and the access token has been added?

Yes access token is added but for permission there is default permission setting which we get after creating the app in the suidex

Which kind of permission settings i have to configure in my app

Here is my query and its output

Hi @Sebastian I’m sorry for disturbing but is there any solution

I think you must make something wrong. I don’t know what, but usually you do not get a 404 for missing permissions.

Hi @Sebastian below I am sharing the screenshot of the postman In which the same graphql endpoint works and in output it is returning the JSON data and another screenshot shows that the apollo angular code in which we are integrating the URL please suggest what am i Doing wrong

Are you sure, you use the same access token?

Something must be different.

Yes @Sebastian the issue is solved it is my mistake in the authorization token the token is mismatched because i am using multiple apps at the same time
With angular apollo works perfectly

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