Looking for memory dumps

Hello together,

at the moment I am trying to understand the memory usage of Squidex installations to make improvements. Of course the cloud is a very good candidate to collect statistics but I am looking for more data.

If you want to help me you can create either

  • Process dumps (using dotnet-dump)
  • Memory dumps (using dotnet-gcdump)

A full tutorial how to do this is available in the docs now: https://docs.squidex.io/01-getting-started/installation/troubleshooting-and-support/diagnose-runtime-issues

If you have a running instance that consumes more than 3 GB (more is better) a dump would be welcome. Just following the tutorial, upload your dump to a cloud storage and send me a link via PM.

Such a memory dump provides a lot of useful information as you can see in the following screen:

It is possible to analyze the memory usage there:

  1. Most memory is allocated for byte buffers, these buffers are used for:
    • The web server (kestrel)
    • The image library to resize images.
    • The MongoDb driver to read data from the database.
  2. The second interesting entry are cached content entities and it is worth it to have a look, why so many entries are cached.
  3. The json strings are also part of the content entities and part of (2).
  4. The graphql servers also needs a little bit of memory for all the GraphQL types.