Login with google SSO failed

I have problem with login to cloud using google SSO.

Ofter login there is error shown:
Operation failed
Email is already taken by another user. You can add this external login to your account if you go to the profile page."

It doesnt make sense - im trying to login not register as new user.
I was able to login few days before.

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After login dashboard should be shown.

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Everytime with my google account.


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Your account is already linked to a Microsoft account. I guess you have logged in with Microsoft yesterday :wink:

It is wierd, I don’t know about it, but after signing in with a Microsoft and adding a google account to my profile it is solved.
Thank you

A few months ago a change was made. Before this change, logins were based automatically merged based on the email address.

So when you login with Google and then Microsoft account, both with the same email address the account was merged. But due to the fact that you are not authenticated when you login, the only information, that was accessible during the login was the email address. And it is not safe to make this merge automatically, because we cannot trust that an email address is always used by the same person.

Therefore you have to link your accounts using the profile page.

I definitevly understand reasons why it cant be merged automaticly, I thought wierd is how my Microsoft account appeared there becouse i was using google for cloud version (it was working and out ouf blue stopped) and microsoft for on-premise local version, but i probably missclicked or somethink like that.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks again.

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I’m trying to Sign in (not sign up) using Github, Google and Microsoft accounts and getting this error:
“Email is already taken by another user.”

Could you help, please?

Done, can you try again?