Login to squidex from current tab

I’m trying to modify login journey of my Squidex app.
I would like to open the login entry page on the same tab of the app.
By default, a separate popup is opened to login. Is it possible to login to Squidex from the same tab as the app?
Thank you.

I think this setting should do that:

Setting the “redirectToLogin” config to “true”, opens the app on the same page as login entry page so, it allows login into Squidex from the current tab. However, after logging out from Squidex, if I re-log in from logout page then a redirection issue occurs as follows:

  • On re-logging from logout page, login page toggles between login & logout pages and the request doesn’t redirect to the original page.

Is this a known/default behavior? normally, it’s expected to redirect to the original page after re-logging from the logout page.

I have to dig into that. Of course it is not wanted.

Thank you, Sebastian.
Please let me know for further information regarding redirection issue.

I have just pushed an update. I will provide you the docker tag when it has been built.

Thanks for the information, Sebastian. Will the update have fix for redirection issue, described in this post?

Hi @Sebastian, just wanted follow-up.
Is there an update/solution available for redirection issue described in this post? Thank you.

I will try to fix the build later today and inform you.

The docker tag is dev-7558