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Version: 3.3.0

Error Message:
SquidexException: Squidex Request failed: {“message”:“Query $filter clause not valid.”,“details”:[“Syntax error at position 12 in ‘data/url/de-CH eq ‘inhalte-mit-headless’’.”],“statusCode”:400}


var data = await _clientManager
.GetClient<BlogCategory, BlogCategoryData>(“blog-category”)
.GetAsync(new ODataQuery { OrderBy = $“data/name/{lang} asc” });

the ODataQuery string is data/name/de-CH asc
All Languages with - get a error.

From the docs: Languages with - Error

NOTE: Property names with dashes are not supported in OData. Use underscore instead.


sorry I did not know that.

Thanks for the helpful answer

Yes, it is a little bit hidden to be honest :smiley: