K8s Ingress controller


I’m running multiple applications under AKS (Azure) and I have ingresses in place using traefik.

I’m running :

without any problem.

And I would like to run squidex here :

but I’m experiencing problems, I have tried multiple different ingress annotations with no luck til now.

I get a 200 on the squidex home page, and I have : “Loading Squidex” displayed.

But then for all subsequent requests the /squidex is missing and I get 404 for all resources.

Have you experienced such behaviour ? and it is possible to install squidex not under a root domain ?

FYI : the setting urls:baseUrl is set to : http://acme.com/squidex


I have never tested it to run squidex under a non-root-domain. It probably does not work.

That’s why i’m guessing as well :slight_smile:

I’ll create another one to see,

Thanks for the fast reply,

PR are very welcome, but this has almost no priority right now

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