Italian translation of backoffice messages

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Hello Sebastian,
The company I work for is evalueting Squidex for the website of Sardinia Regional Government.
Currently an issue that makes impossibile for use to use it, is the lack of italian localization for same field of the backend application, which is mandatory for italian public administration.
For example (Content, New Draft, Published, Content element not valid, please check the field with the red bar on the left in all languages (if localizable).
I would be glad to provide italian translations for these fields, but I don’t know how to work on it: is there a localization file? Is there a best way to do it?

I’ve seen this pull request, do you think ot will be merged into Squidex?



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Sooner or later, but my resources are limited. Right now it does not have the priority, but you are welcome to fund it or support the PR :wink:

support this PR

Perhaps? I mean my resources are limited. if you have a feature request that is really big and you need it for your paying customers, then your options are to wait for it or to help getting it done.


I did not meant to ask you to do it.
what I meant with my question is wether it is better to work in the linked PR or start a completely new development branch.



Sorry, it is up to you, the other branch is not so active at the moment.