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Current behavior

When I try to query using the fulltext filter it return null everytime, I can still filter by Id with successfull results though.

Expected behavior

We need to make use of the fulltext filter for queries.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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We are running a staging instance which doesnt have this problem, the only difference is that the one that is not working is running under https. Is like the service isn’t even running but I can see it up in the consumers section.


What happens when you restart it? Have you checked the logs?

Wow that was fast. When I restart the service nothing happens the issue persists and the logs doesn’t show anything at all.

What do yo mean with “service”? I am talking about the focused button from the screenshot.

Sorry my bad, I meant the consumer. When I press the button nothing happens.

Okay, I will have a look if I can reproduce it. You can also send me a backup of your DB with mongo backup.

I sent you a link to the backup via PM.