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Current behavior

After the new richtext editor release on 25th Oct, format/styling of some of the content in our website is broken and as mentioned in below article there is not code editor available for our content editors to fix these styling issues.
New Markdown and Richtext Editor - Squidex CMS

Expected behavior

It is mentioned that the old richtext editor can be deployed in the article. We are using cloud instance of squidex and wanted to rollback to old richtext editor. Is there way to rollback to old rich editor for our cloud instance (or) is it applicable only for the self-hosted instances?

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App Name: cargocrew-prod

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you can just go to the field settings of your editor and put the URL to the old editor under custom editors:

Thank you Sebastian.

We are facing an issue with the HTML content after the migration. If you see below example, extra p tags got added within the li tag which wasn’t there before with the old rich text editors.

It is very difficult for us to update this data manually for thousands of products/pages. Is there a way to restore the old version of the HTML content for all rich text fields?

Indu Sekhar

You have to write a script:

  1. Query over all content items.
  2. Use a regex to check for this pattern.
  3. Load the previous content item.
  4. Make an update.

And of course: Use the old editor.