Issue with "NewStatus" property NSWAG

Hi Team,

We have generated Squidex classes using NSWAG and providing open swagger json file. We have a problem in accessing the API’s through the class generated through NSWAG. We are getting exception with property “NewStatus” available in DTO’s which is auto generated.

[Newtonsoft.Json.JsonProperty(“newStatus”, Required = Newtonsoft.Json.Required.Always)]
[System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Required(AllowEmptyStrings = true)]
public string NewStatus { get; set; }

Please let us know what is the issue. Currently we have commented the “NewStatus” field in all DTO’s and executing.

Manjeera T

It is a bug I guess but you can tell Nswag to not add the Required = Newtonsoft.Json.Required.Always annotation, then it should work.