Is there any query for deleted schema info

I am calling it by using below URl{app_name}/#{schema}/?$filter=isDeleted eq true”
But not getting any info

Hi, no, it is not available. The schema endpoint has no filtering at all, only contents and assets.

For content How can we can you please provide a sample

Sorry, but … what?$filter=lastModified gt 2021-04-08T10:14:12Z and isDeleted eq true

Is above one is corect

Yes, almost. I made a change to your query. But the deleted content items are only available if you add the following header:


@Sebastian How can I get the user name who has done the changes the user name$filter=lastModified gt 2021-04-08T10:14:12Z and isDeleted eq true

You have to use the API and query the user information using the id from the lastModifiedBy field