Is it possible to unlock a field that was accidentally locked?

While in the Schema editor, I accidentally Locked a field, not knowing that it cannot be unlocked. The modal didn’t explicitly say it couldn’t be unlocked and I naively thought it was a change I could back out of.

I had thought Locking a field meant to lock content records from future changes. I realize now that I should have chosen to disable the field in the UI.

I’ve tried using the JSON synchronize tool in the admin to explicitly set isLocked: false but that change is ignored.

Is there any hope for me besides rebuilding the schema and exporting/importing contents completely? I’d just like to unlock the field and mark it as disabled.

No, sorry…you can hack it in the DB but that is not easy.

Awww, bummer. I may submit a PR with a bigger and more foreboding message in the UI modal, warning that locking a field cannot be undone.

What’s the likelihood that we can add a feature to allow an admin to unlock a field? I’d understand disallowing unlocking for the developer role, but it’s really painful to have to rebuild a schema and its contents.

For now I’ve submitted a warning message change request to hopefully prevent other users in the future accidentally locking a field.